Letters of Support

Access to Support for Tenants

Many tenants residing in Junction Australia properties have a high level of need for support to enable their tenancy to be successful.  For some properties, Junction Australia has a formal Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with external agencies e.g. Mental Health, Disability SA, OARS, Anglicare, Calvery Lutheran, MIND, Families SA etc.  Some tenant’s access support from Junction Australia’s internal programs e.g. Outreach Specialist Homelessness Support.

Junction Australia maintains a resource file of external and internal agencies/programs which is available to all Junction Australia staff.  Where a Junction Australia staff member considers that the Registrant or Tenant would benefit from accessing support, in conjunction with the Team Leader and following agreement from the Registrant/Tenant, a staff member may make a referral to the relevant support agency.  Junction Australia staff also draw on the experience and knowledge of staff from other Junction Australia programs as required.

Some tenants may require support when they are dealing with matters referred to the Residential Tenancies Tribunal.  In this instance, staff will refer the tenant to the Tenancy Information and Advocacy Service (TIAS) for support and advice.

Junction Australia gains the tenant’s informed consent in writing, using the appropriate support referral form, prior to making a referral to another agency.

Memoranda of Agreements support interagency collaboration throughout the term of a tenancy.  These are consistent with the privacy legislation and include:

  • Contact protocols
  • How any dispute will be resolved
  • Time period for the support
  • Roles and responsibilities of each agency
  • Confidentiality
  • Services provided
  • Review processes
  • How breakdowns in the agreed procedures will be dealt with.

Junction Australia monitors its links to external agencies and ensures that the agency’s contact details are kept up to date.  Annual feedback is sought on how referral processes and interagency communication are working.  This is completed at the same time as the annual contractors review.

Where formal interagency agreements are in place, the relevant Manager/Team Leader will meet regularly with the agency to discuss:- tenant progress, tenancy issues, resolution to tenancy issues, communication strategies, support needs and any other matters that improve tenants’ health and well-being.

Adapting services for people with high support needs

Due to the large volume of ‘high needs tenancies’ managed by Junction Australia, staff customises services to maximise the success of these tenancies and undertake the following:-

  • Assisting Registrants with low literacy levels to fill in registration forms
  • Linking Registrants and Tenants with support agencies where required
  • Referring to advocates (e.g. TIAS) if required when tenancy failure occurs
  • Reinforcing with Tenants their rights and responsibilities and those of their Landlord
  • Liaising with support agencies where appropriate (and in accordance with privacy legislation) with matters relating to tenancy failure e.g.;
    • rent arrears
    • neighborhood disputes
    • complaints
    • lease extensions
    • tenancy signup
    • maintenance management.
  • Attending regular meetings with support agencies to maximise the success of tenancies
  • Seeking regular feedback from Tenant’s regarding their housing and support needs.

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housing provider is Junction and Women’s Housing Ltd.

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