Fleurieu Transfers

The State Government has approved Junction Australia as the preferred provider for the transfer of approximately 185 public housing dwellings in the Fleurieu region.

These housing transfers will consolidate Junction Australia’s presence in the Fleurieu region for the next 20 years and will provide us with unique opportunities to work even more closely together to ‘strengthen lives and communities’ in a very real and enduring way.

Who is Junction Australia?

Junction Australia is an independent community based organisation which provides community support and housing services. We have been helping South Australians for almost 40 years and currently manage over 1,700 properties, which provide homes for over 3,200 local people. Our aim is to deliver high quality services that assist our tenants to live in safe homes and vibrant communities.

We are delighted to work with tenants through the stock transfer process and we will be aiming to ensure this is as easy and straightforward as possible.


Why is my home being transferred to Junction Australia?

The State Government is building a strong and sustainable housing system, along with the Renewing our Streets and Suburbs initiative. They have committed to the renewal of housing trust homes by:

  • Renewing 4,500 older homes within 10km of the city by 2020
  • Building 1,000 homes in 1,000 days, by 2018
  • Meeting their 2013 commitment by transferring the management of 5,000 homes to community housing providers by 2017. 
As the State Government works towards this sustainable housing system, they are transferring properties to organisations like Junction Australia to ensure homes, and those living in them, are best managed and cared for. 


For more information from the State Government click here, otherwise please see our Frequently Asked Questions sheet below, or attend a Transfer Support Day in your area.



Junction Australia’s registered national community
housing provider is Junction and Women’s Housing Ltd.

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